Delight in Your Creator

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart, Proverbs 37:4.  This particular Proverb has had the most impact on my life to date, because it was this Proverb that sparked my desire to go into ministry.  I was a young Christian when I first came across this wise saying and I had little to no theological training.  The Counselor lead me to the truth of this saying almost immediately.  In my mind I did not think, “oh wow just delight myself in him? Okay then I will receive a car, money, or a significant other!”  No the clear truth came to me, the fact that my desire will become His desire if I just delight myself in Him.  The truth behind this saying lies in the phrase “Delight yourself in the Lord.”  When someone makes it their goal to find or seek delight in the Father then all that can come from this voyage is joy.  Our Father finds full satisfaction in a person who seeks Him, He joyfully opens the door way to His inner most being.  He will even help guide you into his presence.  Once you have found Him, then all of the treasures in the world will have no comparison.  All the desires of material gain will still be in your mind, but the deeper truth will dwell within you, and that is knowing that He is what completes you, He is what brings you into total satisfaction, He is the one that makes you feel of immeasurable worth.  Your truest desires become knowing your Creator more intimately.  That truth became clear and the Psalmist words proved true as well, Your words are sweeter than honey and more pure than fine gold,  Psalm 19:10.  After that day of enlightenment my journey to seek the Father has never been the same.  To date I can say that I am richly blessed by His grace, and I believe in Him more than I ever have.  He has continuely sustained me, protected me, and Loved me!  Me desire to know Him more is becoming stronger with each heart beat and He continues to reveal His majestic splendor to me daily through His word.  I encourage you whoever reads this that you seek the Lord, and put all of your other desires behind you.  Just let Him take care of you and examine yourself and see the difference that He brings you.

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